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Status is a better way to onboard more customers, faster

Shortened onboarding times and happier customers are just the beginning. Meet the new standard for modern customer onboarding that your team and customers will love.

Accelerate customer time-to-value

Deliver a differentiated customer experience

Reduce the risk of customer churn

Status onboarding software

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Bring all tasks, docs and communication together

Never question the status of an onboarding or implementation again by centralizing all important project details in a unified workspace. Easily communicate with stakeholders and deliver results, faster.

Standardize the process for your team and the customer

Easily share critical updates without an email or meeting

Facilitate cross-functional ownership without the headache

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Streamline your process with time-saving automations

Turn routine tasks into smart, automated workflows that keep your implementations moving forward. Less busywork means your team can consistently get your customers to value, faster.

Dynamically generate task templates once the sale is closed

Manage task dependencies that auto-update dates when plans change

Automate internal and customer-facing reminders and notifications


Deliver a better experience with customer-facing portals

Email chains and zoom calls aren't cutting it anymore. Let Status elevate your CX game through a simplified customer portal experience where you can share important onboarding tasks.

No registration or login required

Securely share portal links in an automated fashion

Increase customer engagement and shorten onboarding times


Better visibility through real-time reporting

Take the guesswork out of reporting and enjoy clear views into the status of all customers and projects. Prevent delays in your timelines before it gets serious.

Custom team and personal views that drive accountability

Stay on track with forecasted milestone dates

Know when a customer is at risk and how to resolve it

Integrated with the products you use every day

Supercharge your customer onboarding workflows with Status integrations.
Now all your teams and systems can stay in sync.


Automate project create in Status from HubSpot. Dynamically choose task templates and sync Status project details back to HubSpot.


Create Status projects and notify the right people in Slack, or create new Status projects or tasks from Slack messages.


Create Status projects and notify the right people in Teams, or create new Status projects or tasks from Team messages.


Automate project create in Status from Salesforce. Dynamically choose task templates and sync Status project details back to Salesforce.


Create epics and tasks in Jira from actions within Status. Sync details from epics and tasks from Jira back to Status.


Use Zapier to connect your Status onboarding workflow with any of your systems. Push and pull data from Status in a fast and flexible way.

Why choose Status?

The moment to change your customer success trajectory is now. Strong retention and a highly-rated customer experience starts with nailing customer onboarding.

Accelerate Customer Time-to-value

Status gives your team the tooling they need to consistently get new customers to value as quickly as possible.

Improve Customer Experience

Don't drop the ball after the sales handoff is done. Deliver an experience that ups your CSAT scores and generates positive reviews.

Reduce Customer Churn

The days immediately after the sale will determine renewals and upsells. Ensure your customer base is stable with better onboarding.

"Status is our go to tool to create and execute onboarding processes. We've increased our onboarding speed while consistently delivering a high quality customer experience that wasn't previously possible"

Rhet Porter

Rhet Porter

Product & Operations

Onboard customers faster, starting today

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is customer onboarding or implementation software?

Customer onboarding (or implementation) is the multi-stage process needed to get customers to the value they expected from the sale. Software like Status is purpose-built for customer success and onboarding teams looking to improve customer time to value, reduce costs and better collaborate with the customer after the sale.

How does pricing work?

Status is a subscription software that is priced on a per head, per month basis. As part of our Early Access program, you can schedule a 30 min call where we can learn about your process, demonstrate the product and the value it will drive and share details on what you can expect for pricing.

What is a customer-facing portal?

Customer success and project management tools lack the ability to seamlessly share tasks and reporting with the customer in a branded and easy-to-follow manner. Status provides a purpose-built view for the customer to see what is needed from them to get to go-live faster, while having visibility into the overall status of an onboarding project.

What can I expect from the setup process of Status for my team?

Status was thoughtfully designed with your time-to-value in mind. We'd rather show than tell, which is why we can set you up on a free trial to experience the ease-of-use and time-saving value firsthand. We, of course, use Status to share important tasks and tips with you and can launch your team's workflow in a matter of days, not weeks.