Organization features

Bring your team, projects and customers into one platform

Customer success starts with organizing and executing an effective onboarding process.

Standardize Your Process

Prepare your team and post-sale processes for scale by standardizing your customer onboarding playbook.

Centralize Your Team

Create a single source of truth for your team's onboarding work. Easily share accountability and get more done.

Execute With Confidence

Center your team and customers around a repeatable onboarding process that consistently delivers results, faster.


Create repeatable onboarding playbooks

Set your team and your customers up for success by providing a clear path to launch day. With milestones, tasks, dependencies and dates in one place, you'll never worry about delivering an inconsistent process.

team management

Work more easily with your internal teams

Share accountability with your team and gain visibility into how your resources are being allocated. Status is the collaborative single source of truth for all things customer onboarding that will eliminate your people and data siloes.

Project management

Manage projects with a modern user experience

Don't let generic or poorly-designed onboarding tools create more work for your team. Status surfaces your work in an enjoyable and easy-to-manage interface so that you don't have to dig for important details.

“As a manager of implementations, staying organized only gets more difficult with volume. Status provides a unique blend of robust task management, reporting and visibility that helps us speed up our onboarding times"

John Warner

Director, Center of Excellence

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