Collaboration feature

Deliver a better experience with branded customer portals

Share customer-facing work in an easy-to-manage view and watch your onboarding times speed up.

Reduce Meetings

Not every follow up needs to turn into a meeting. Leverage customer portals to de-clutter your calendar and reduce back-and-forth emails.

Elevate Customer Experience

Let your CX stand above the rest by providing customers with a white-glove onboarding experience that increases trust in your brand.

Shorten Onboarding Times

Seamlessly share communications, reports and tasks in a tailored portal view so that your customer has a clear path to success.

one-click configuration

Configure custom portals for each customer in seconds

Don't just invite customers into projects, create tailored views that are easier to follow than messy kanban boards or spreadsheets. Surface important tasks, share docs and communicate with customers in an experience branded to your company.

centralized communication

Reduce meetings and emails with efficient customer chats

Not all requests or questions need to turn into meetings. Save time by chatting with customers in their portal so that they can get their onboarding tasks done, faster. Keep communication in the context of projects.

document management

Easily manage and share documents with customers

Embed or link to onboarding documents as part of customer-owned tasks in the portal. Now your team can eliminate data siloes, intake critical information all while your customer no longer has to dig through emails to find attachments.

"Other implementation tools we tried were too complex or had huge feature gaps. With Status, I found the right mix of task management and visibility for internal and external teams, ultimately speeding up onboarding times"

Brody Horton

Head of Revenue

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